Bumper Relocation for a body lift / ..

Relocating a bumper or brush gaurd to account for a body lift will depend on how that part attaches to the vehicle. If it bolts to the frame then it will not raise automatically. If it is a brush gaurd attached to the factory bumper, that will raise if you also raise the factory front bumper with one of the standard body lift front bumper brackets. If the bumper attaches to the frame and does not overhang the body, then it is optional if you want to raise it or not, that is, if nothing will hit the bumper and it won't block anything in front of the vehicle, then it can physically be left as-is (see the 1" lift w/ stock height ARB front bumper below). If you want to raise the aftermarket bumper, you'll need to see how the bumper brackets attach to the frame and develop a plan to modify them. Feel free to use any of the examples shown below as a guide.

  If the aftermarket front bumper attaches with only the factory mounting bolts (typically 2 into the frame, either in front or on the side) then these bumper brackets (kit item FB) should work. Tacoma ARB front bumper bracket, stock left, cut on right Cut piece raised for body lift, tack welded in place, new hole drilled to match the body lift.  Note that this bracket is just tack welded at this point.  Sorry no photos of the finished bracket, as the bumper owner decided to not use this bumper with the body lift and the brackets were restored to stock height.  If the brackets had been finished for the lift, they would have been fully welded and gussets added to support the top section (shown in red) to make the bracket as strong as it was prior to the modification. Original ARB Sahara 3rd gen 4Runner front bumper bracket ARB Sahara 3rd gen 4Runner front bumper bracket, cut and sectioned to raise bumper up and move back 2  

  Brackets side by side Front piece raised 2 Bracing on the back side Extra gusseting added top and bottom Jaos 3rd gen 4Runner front brush guard bracket extension for 3  

  3rd gen 4Runner with raised bumpers and brush guard to match the lift along with Lift Lips wheel well liners to cover the gaps at the frame. Here is a 1994 Toyota pickup w/ ARB front bumper, 1 Closeup photo of the above setup Another option like aove, leave the bumper as-is and make a filler plate.  Actually, this bumper was raised 2 in. for the body lift, but due to the way it is designed and the front grill, there is a gap above the bumper.  Since this is a winch bumper and it is mounted at the top of the frame now, it did not seem wise to raise it any higher without loseing the strength for winching.  So a sheet metal filler plate was added above the bumper. This is an '85 4Runner with aftermarket winch bumper, a Stull grill insert with a 3  

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