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  Here all all the parts needed for the conversion.  The s/s shifter and the mounting bolts, shift knob and trim piece come from the B&M kit.  The spacer plate (center) and the retainer plate for the inner shift boot had to be fabricated, the boot and base (I added a breather fitting to the base)are stock.  The W56A tranny uses a bolted down retainer, unlike most other Toyota 5-speeds that use a spring loaded cup to hold the shifter in the base.  So I had to buy a used G-series shifter to scrounge the cup off of (shown on the shifter). This is the adapter plate for the shifter base, it raises the base up 3/4 This is the stock shifter base.  I installed a heavy duty UHMW shifter seat bushing that was modified to fit the new shifter (just has to cut the seat down to a shorter height).  Also shown is the breather fitting I added, it is a 1/4 Inserting the shifter into the base with the new retaining cup.  With the stiff new spring, it was easier to do this on the bench.  I also made a slight design change to the B&M shifter, it comes with 2 short (6mm) set screws to hold the ball to the shifter, one behind the other.  I found that in use, the inner screw worked loose (not enough threads holding it in place) and the shifter was sloppy.  I replaced the two short screws with one long (12mm) screw and this solved the problem.  Replacement screws are available, e-mail: for more info.. Finally, the adapter and shifter base are set atop the transmission and the 6 bolts inserted and tightened.  Use a bead of RTV to seal the shifter base to the adapter.  The stock gasket seals the adapter to the transmission.  Reinstall the boots and happy shifting.  Ther B&M shifter is adjustable, allowing 30 degrees right or left angle (or straight back).  I set mine to the 30-left position to make it easier to reach.  I retained the stock shift knob, but the supplied billet aluminum one is ver nice as well.  This shift kit combination would cost approx. $60-90 for the custom shifter spacer plate plus the cost of the B&M (currently available from LC Engineering) short shift kit, which typically costs about $200.  

  A second shifter option that re-uses the existing shifter and a bolt-on extension is shown below.  The kit includes the custom spacer plate (W56A and W56B transmissions currently available) plus the longer mounting hardware and a bolt-on extension.  This kit costs US$200 plus tax and shipping ($8.00 US and $24.00 international). This image shows the extisting transmission shifter and how the extension pieces line up.  To install, remove the plastic cup from the end of the shifter (lower left corner) and place the two half-spacers on either side of the shifter base and slide the extenion piece over that.  Tighten the set screws to hold it in place.  You can use some thread locking compound if you wish. And in this image shows the assembled shifter with the extension attached.  You can either re-install the existing end cup or replace it with a new one.  To reinstall the shifter on the transmission, place the spacer over the top of the transmission with some silicone sealant applied to the mating surface and the existing gasket and shifter base atop that. Install adn tighten down the 6 supplied mounting bolts and reinstall the shifter boot(s) and/or center console.  

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