Gettin'Off 4x4 Club Slick Rock Run

After our bi-annual Adopt-A-Trail cleanup run on the Pine Needle Flat trail, 6 of us decided to head up for a quick run over the Slick Rock Trail (7N17).

The group consisted of myself in an 1st gen 4Runner, Tony in a 3rd gen 4Runner, Trevor in a 3rd gen pickup, Rich in a Tacoma, Paul in a Jeep Cherokee and a guest, Chris in a 2nd gen 4Runner...

  Here is Rich's Tacoma as we line up to head out for the trail. Trevor was the only one, besides me, to come through the big rocky ledge at the beginning of the trail.  It was the roughest I have seen it there, although I did not need lockers to get through, helps to keep all 4 tires firmly on the ground :) Chris coming down off the steep notch at the beginning of the trail Tony at the top of the notch. And most of the way down without problems.  

  Rich coming down the notch. And out the bottom, gotta love those Rock SliderZ! Trevor bouncing down the steep drop. And Paul is the last one down, all made it w/o incident. Tony on his way up the granite slab.  

  Followed by Rich, ... Trevor, and Paul. Tony on the trail  

  Rich coming up a rocky stretch of trail ... and through the mostly filled in v-notch.  It used to be much deeper and harder in years past. Trevor, and Paul make it through the v-nots w/o incident.  

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