E-Brake Extensions

E-Brake Extensions

Installation Instructions

These easy bolt-on e-brake extensions will help raise the e-brake cables up and above the rear leaf springs on Toyota pickups and 4Runners when taller than stock leaf spring packs and/or lift blocks are used. In the factory spring over axle setup, once the leaf springs are more than about 2" tall, the e-brake cable will rub across the top of the springs.

This picture shows how they go on:

E-brake Extensions - installed

Block your wheels and release the parking brake. Remove the spring clip and pin that fasten the e-brake cable to the lever arm on both sides.

The extensions are a tight fit by design, you can tap them into place with a small hammer and get the bolt in. Make sure the bent over side is toward the leaf springs, as pictured above (and yes, I know the u-bolt nuts are not fully tightened, that photo was taken while I was working on the truck and I had not finished torquing the u-bolts). This way when the e-brakes are applied, the force of the cable will pull the extension tight until the bend of the extension contacts the original e-brake lever.

The extensions are shipped with only the bottom hole drilled to allow you to customize the fit to your vehicle. You'll want to place the e-brake cable just high enough to clear the springs. In the above photo, you can see where the hole was set clear to the top of the extension. This was done to allow room for adding leaves or shims in the future. But place the hole wherever you wish. The higher you place the hole, the more clearance you have. However, you'll also require more cable pull on the e-brake cable and you may need to adjust the cable at the relay bracket.

Mark where you need the top hole to be and drill it out. The pin is 8mm on the e-brake cable, a 5/16" or an 8mm drill bit would work. Then you may need to re-adjust your parking brake cable since it now has a bit more travel. I like to set my e-brake to the maximum amount of "clicks" as noted in the Toyota Factory Service Manual (FSM), which is around 14 clicks (range is 10-14).

Here are some other pictures:
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