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  Climb up Silver Canyon east of Bishop CA Radio towers atop Silver Canyon View to the west toward the Sierra crest Barcroft High Altitude Research Station Barcroft High Altitude Research Station  

  Barcroft High Altitude Research Station View of the road back towards the Bristlecone Pine Forest Bristlecone Pine at Patriarch Grove Closeup of this season's new growth More new growth, global warming seems to favor the trees in this cold, high alpine climate zone  

  View from the White Mountains looking west to the Sierra crest Heading east down Wyman Canyon towards Deep Springs Valley Towards the bottom of Wyman Cyn Summit of Boundary Peak, highest point (13,140') in Nevada.  Hiked in from the Trail Canyon trailhead, approx. 10 miles round trip w/ 4300' elevation gain.  Approx. 6.5 hours round trip, hiked up the ridge between the A and B routes listed in the DPS Climbing Guide, seemed to avoid most of the loose scree climbing, descended via the B route, where 2000' of the descent is easily done in loose scree. View north-west towards Mono Lake  

  View north along the CA-NV border View south towards taller Montgomery Peak, CA-NV border crosses the pass between the peaks View of the Quaking Marks the Spot GeoCache in central NV Cache contents and GPS Petroglyphs in Toquima Cave, near Austin NV  

  Petroglyphs in Toquima Cave, near Austin NV Center Of Nevada GeoCache, location #1, 1962 location View back to the side road, about 0.2 miles distant Center Of Nevada GeoCache, location #2, midpoint of the 1962 and 2003 locations Center Of Nevada GeoCache, location #3, 2003 location  

  View of Wheeler Peak from the north Who Waxed Mr. Ed - GeoCache Who Waxed Mr. Ed - GeoCache Who Waxed Mr. Ed - GeoCache Wheeler Peak from Stella Lake  

  Clouds blowing over the Wheeler Peak summit was the main reason I opted to skip the climb that day, it looked very cold and windy up there! Wheeler Peak from the glacier bowl Wheeler Peak from the glacier bowl Wheeler Peak from the glacier bowl Ridge to the east of WheelerWheeler Peak from the glacier bowl  

  Ridge to the east of Wheeler Wheeler Peak from the glacier bowl Some pretty alpine flowers on the trail Winching a fallen tree off the trail up Birch Creek in the Ibapah Mtns. in eastern NV/western UT.  The trail ended a hundred feet or so farther up at a Wilderness Area boundary marker.  There are a half-dozen similar trails up into the mtns. that look like fun to explore. View from Birch Cr. road south towards Wheeler Peak/Great Basin National Park  

  Road through Tule Valley in west-central UT, between Weis Rd. and Old US-6.  Didn't show up on my GPS map, but had a sign and seemed to go in the general direction I was heading, so what the heck, lets take it! I think its been a while since any water was pumped from this well! A pair of wild horses crossed the road in front of me and easily kept pace, almost like dolphins riding the bow wake of a ship.  If I stopped, they stopped, when I started driving, they took off pacing me.  Later on, also came upon a small herd of Pronghorn Antelope. View from Antelope Spring back towards Tule Valley The end of the road, just past Sinbad Spring, 4000' below is Tule Valley  

  And here is the view off the cliff, west towards Tule Valley, Nevada is on the horizon The hulk of an old Dodge pickup marks the turn up into Dome (Death) Canyon.  A day or so before I arrived, flash floods had washed down the nearby canyons.  I managed to get down Dome Cyn before the road crews got to it, but not so with Marjum Pass, as the road crew announced as I started up the canyon after a day of grading, DOH!  From the looks of the work they did, it seems the road may have been fun to go up before they got to it! The Hermit's cave, just a stone's throw from old US-6, east of Marjum Pass.  Cabin was inhabited from 1920-1945/6 by the hermit, Robert Stinson.  He cleared fallen rocks off the road for the highway dept., grew vegetables, raised pigs and brewed beer/moonshine with grain from nearby farmers.  He also offered assistance to stranded motorists.  Amazing to think this (now) incredibly remote area was once a Looking down the canyon towards old US-6 View inside the cave, looks like the owner just moved out last week!  

  View inside looking out... Cabin tucked nicely under the overhanging ledge View up the canyon, would be fun to explore further and find the permanent water and other resources used by the hermit.  After spending 25 years there, I'll bet he knew every nook and cranny of that canyon! Closeup of the canyon narrows View of the spur road back down to old US-6, this was a major cross-country highway until 1949!  

  The Bingham Canyon open pit copper mine west of Salt Lake City The Bingham Canyon open pit copper mine west of Salt Lake City, in the distance Those mammoth 300 ton ore trucks can be seen lumbering up and down the roads, they look like tiny ants from this distance!  No pictures from the rest of the trip out to northern MN and back to CA.  

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