Reader's Rides

Reader's Toyota Rides


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Wilson P. McManus '83 Trailblazer
John Skaggs squeezing through the notchJohn Skaggs; '85 4Runner (nearly) SR-5
Clay's '85 4RunnerClay Abernathy; '85 4Runner SR5
Scott Wilson's former ride; '88 4Runner (FOURWD)
Josh Call gets his '88 4Runner dirty in Winston-Salem, NC
Mark Rael's '88 4RunnerMark Rael's nice '88 4Runner
Leo Divinagracia (RIP); '90 4Runner
Maale' Dekalin or Palm AscentRon Mandelbaum; '92 4Runner wheels in Israel's Negev desert
Chris Geiger's former ride; '93 4Runner (ROCK4WD)
Jani Jaaskelainen's 1995 4Runner
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Barney McNamara; 1983 short bed pickup
Vova E.; 1985 pickup
Hollis Ferris; '88 (soon to be '84) pickup
Jack Geiger; '89 short bed pickup
Rick Evans; '90 short bed pickup.
Gregg R Hayford; '93 pickup
Michael Yount's '94 Extra CabMichael Yount; '94 Extra Cab pickup
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