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Hi Roger;

Anyone know off the top of their melon what size the bolts are for bolting the removable 4Runner top to the bed rails?Gotta get one thatíll trip the do-hicky that allows control of the rear window winder downer and upper. Spanks in advance! -- Darin

Hi Darin;

Youíll find the bolt specifications on my 4Runner removeable top page:

They are all M8-1.25, various lengths (15 and 35mm) depending on location.


Hi Roger;

I hope you can help me.I found your web page on how to find and replace the resistor pack on a Toyota pickup.I couldnít find the pack in my truck either (1987 P-U).After looking at your article and at the included pictures.....I still canít!It was very hard to try to visualize from your picture where the resistor pack is.I couldnít recognize the area shown surrounding where the pack is shown in your picture.So I did what you did and followed the wires out of the bottom of the blower motor.They both lead behind the glove box into the area behind the fan switch.I have removed the radio and glove box and can access all the wiring and connectors.I can see that one of the blower wires goes into a relay and the other goes to the fan switch.I think I can see everything up in there but canít see the resistor pack if it is there.I removed all the carpeting in the passenger side and the kick panel and speaker grill and speaker too.I can see everything there.No resistor pack.Any ideas that you have would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.....Den.....

Hi Den;

The resistor pack on my Ď85 4Runner is on the firewall bulkhead, behind the glove box.Its up behind the glove box and about 3Ē from the fan motor about 10Ē above the floor.Are you sure the ďrelayĒ is not the resistor pack?Should be between the switch and the fan, a squarish white plastic plug.You can see a picture and more information on my web page:


Hi Roger;

I have an Ď89 4Runner 42R-E engine, and Iím having the same problem you described in the fuel pump section.Since we have basically the same model for body parts, I thought I could use your article to find/replace the fuel pump.But when I lifted the back seat, I saw a cap to the fuel tank, and not the image you displayed.I then went to to see where the part is for my particular model, and it told me it was mounted inside the tank.

So I opened the cap, and the only thing Iím seeing are rods for measuring/sending fuel, but no pump.I looked from gas tank to EFI/Engine, but I canít find it.Do you have any suggestions for me?

Also, I canít locate the fuel filter.Do you have one?2 separate repair shops told me they canít find it either.Iím getting frustrated because Iím convinced I have the same problem you have, but I canít find a solution either professionally or on my own.I appreciate any advise you can give me.

Kevin McKiernan

Hi Kevin;

The fuel pump is in the tank, beneath the hatch under the rear seat.Its a round flange with 8 or so screws holding it in, has fuel lines and an electrical connector hooked to it.Easy to remove and replace, but usually is not the problem, the pumps rarely fail.

The connectors I show on my page:

are for an Ď85, in the later trucks, the fuel pump test jumper is in the diagnostic box in the engine compartment, labelled ďFpĒ and ďB+Ē.

To find the fuel filter, look in the passenger-side front wheel well, remove the rubber wheel well flap and the 4 bolts that hold the access panel in place.Look straight inside and find the oil filter and then move towards the back of the engine about 6Ē, filter is a round black canister bolted to the block, above the starter.


Hi Roger;

This weekend Iím going to be installing a set of polyurethane body mounts on my Ď85 4runner.My problem is I canít find the torque specs for the mounting hardware.†† Any help is much appreciated.


Hi Dan;

I was unable to find any exact specifications in the Toyota Factory Service Manual, but based upon the bolt size and grade (Standard Bolt Tightening Torque - Appendix B, Ď85 Pickup/4Runner Factory Service Manual) as well as some information from other sources, it seems that 20-30 ft.lbs. is about the right torque for the body mount bolts (same for pickup bed bolts).Iíve documented that information on my web page:


Hi Roger;

Have a shortage to the fuel pump. It keeps blowing the EFI fuse. Any suggestions? Has an overhauled motor and only about 3,ooo miles on it. Thank you much if you can help me in any way! A 1991 Toyota 4x4


My advice would be to isolate the problem, disconnect the fuel pump and see if the fuse still blows.If so, there may be a short in the wiring some place between the fuse and the pump.If the fuse does not blow with the pump disconnected, try applying power directly to the pump and see if you can measure the current draw.I like to use

a 10A battery charger with an ammeter on it, lets me see what kind of current something is taking without too much risk of damage.If the pump does not spin up with power applied directly, then it may be plugged internally or has siezed up due to the tank being run dry.The gasoline both cools and lubricates the pump, so if its been run dry, it can be damaged.On the pickup, youíll need to drain and lower the gas tank to access the fuel pump.Its screwed into a flange on top of the tank, towards the front.There is a drain fitting under the tank, remove the skid plate to access it.6 bolts hold the skid plate on and 6 more bolts hold the tank up.

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Hi Roger;

He has already done all this. The fuse still blows. He will look for the short from fuse to pump like you said. Thanks so much!


You can also pull the circuit opening relay (located in the passenger side kick panel area) and see if the short is between the fuse and relay or relay and pump, this page has some information on that part of the circuit:

Electrical troubleshooting is sort of a ďdivide and conquerĒ task, split the problem in half and eliminate the part thatís OK and concentrate on the part thatís broken.I would then check the wiring that runs along the inside of the frame on the passenger side to the fuel pump.Thatís where it is most exposed and it could be shorting where one of the clamps hold the wiring in place.




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