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SGI's AutoScript Feature


AutoScript is a feature unique to the IRIX version of AutoCAD. Basically it integrates AutoCAD's script processing capability with the Indigo Magic Desktop Drag and Drop filetype rules. Any valid AutoCAD script file (extension *.scr) may be turned into an AutoScript via the command:

Once this is done, any AutoCAD drawing file may be dropped onto the executable AutoScript file to cause AutoCAD to launch and the operations in the AutoScript file to be performed on the drawing. While there are no hard-and-fast rules for AutoScript files, we find them most useful if they follow these simple rules:

Here are some examples:

A trivial AutoScript (_quit.scr):
_quit _yes
A file cleanup AutoScript (_wblock.scr):
_wblock (getvar "DWGNAME") *
_quit _yes
An R13 to R12 drawing conversion AutoScript (_saveasr12.scr):
_saveasr12 (getvar "DWGNAME") _yes
_quit _yes
A DXF to DWG conversion AutoScript (_dxftodwg.scr):
An IRIX shell script that uses the above (
#!/bin/csh -f
foreach i ( `/bin/ls *.dxf` )
echo "Processing $i...\c"
autoscript `echo $i | sed 's/\.dxf//'` _dxftodwg
echo "done."
A combination of IRIX shell scripting and AutoScripting to compile PostScript font files:


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