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AutoCAD's Background Plot Spooling



The AutoSpool feature integrates AutoCAD's plotting system with the power of the Iris Impressario printing tools. The capabilities afforded with this combination include:

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to installing and configuring the AutoSpool software:

You are now ready to test out your AutoSpool software installation. It is really easy to use, just enter the AutoCAD _PLOT command or select Print from the File menu. You should see the following Plot dialog. If Plot To File is not selected and/or the plot file name is not autospool you should go back through the above steps to properly set the defaults.

The AutoSpool function is enabled by an IRIX shell script named AutoSpool located in the directory /var/spool/acad/bin. It has two basic modes of operation for determining which device to use for plotting:

To share plotters over your local network, follow these simple steps:

Another feature enabled by the AutoSpool software is to make use of AutoCAD's Plotter Control Parameter (PCP) files to allow custom plotter settings to be used for plotting from the Indigo Magic Desktop. You can use the Drag and Drop feature to drop an AutoCAD drawing file onto a PCP plotter icon and te selected file will be plotted to AutoCAD's current plotter with the settings as specified in the PCP file.

The Plot Logging feature of the AutoSpool software keeps detailed records of each and every plot job processed by the plot server. There is also a tab-delimited data file maintained in the /var/spool/acad/log directory which is suitable for post-processing in a spreadsheet or database program. There are several shell scripts located in /var/spool/acad/bin that illustrate methods of parsing and extracting data from the plot log file.


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