System Configuration

To achieve the best performance, configure a Silicon Graphics 320™ or Silicon Graphics 540™ system using  the following set of guidelines.

Hardware Configuration

Graphics Driver Configuration

Please note that this section has been changed to reflect the configuration of the recently released 4.1.2 driver. Please note that 4.1.1 and later drivers have more configurable options than earlier drivers.

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3D Studio MAX® OpenGL Driver Configuration

Configure the 3D Studio MAX® graphics driver to produce the best results. The driver can be configured by selecting Preferences... from the File Menu and then selecting Viewports. Confirm that the OpenGL driver is being used, if not select Choose Driver..., select the OpenGL driver and restart 3D Studio MAX® as directed. Once setup to use the OpenGL driver, choose Configure Driver... and configure the graphics driver as pictured below.

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Please note that the dialog box pictured above is that for 3D Studio MAX® R2.5, those for earlier versions may appear differently with fewer configuration options.

Additional Benchmarking Guidelines

When benchmarking, please adhere to the following guidelines to achieve the best results.

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Graphics Profiles:

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