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Nintendo64 Technical Specifications:

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Processors (yep, that's plural as in 2):

Overall, the Nintendo 64 is capable of rendering about 160,000 polygons per second with all hardware features enabled.

Video Output:


Audio Output:



Nintendo 64DD:



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My current score: 120 stars - finally finished the game after 6 years!

Super Mario64 Course totals
Course Star #1 Star #2 Star #3 Star #4 Star #5 Star #6 Coins
1: The Bomb Level

2: Castle Level 131
3: The Underwater Level 100
4: Cool, Cool Mountain 102
5: Big Boo's Haunt 141
6: Hazy Mazy Cave 109
7: Lethal Lava Land 100
8: Shifting Sand Land 120
9: Dire, Dire Docks 100
10: Snowman's Land 101
11: Wet-Dry World 117
12: Tall, Tall Mountain 100
13: Tiny-Huge Island 118
14: Tick-Tock Clock 104
15: Rainbow Ride 100
Castle Stars:
Star 14:
This one (in the Red "!" switch course) is a toughy. My final technique was to fly off to the right after dropping in and try to line up along the string of coins that form a spiral. If you can stay just inside the coins, close enough to catch them you have a good line on the red coins.
Star 15:
I finally managed to beat the 21 second barrier needed for castle star #15. After countless attempts getting down to 21.1 seconds at best, I tried one last time, and made it in 20.8 seconds. I think the trick here is to do the three tight bottom turns without hitting the walls on either side of the course.
Bowser #3:
Well, I finally did it. Jumped into the 3rd Bowser course, found the hidden 8th red coin hiding under the steps up to Bowser's Pipe and got that castle star. Then, feeling up to the challenge, I dropped in to visit Bowser. I grabbed hi tail right away, spun him and threw him, getting about half way to the edge. Grabbed him again and KABOOM! Got him a third time, KABOOM. Quickly ran back to the center of the plaform to avoid standing on the bits that drop away and after a bit of running around, I got his tail and KABOOM! I think if you get his red coins, it is easier to beat him. The ending animation sequence is quite cool, guess I'll have to go get that piece of cake!

Here's my Top Ten lists for Nintendo64:

Top Ten Signs You've Been Playing Too Much Mario 64
10. You answer the phone "It's-a-me!"
9. You were disappointed when you amassed 100 pennies in your spare-change jar and a star didn't come flying out.
8. You went down to the river so you could stomp on turtles.
7. You have this inexplicable craving for mushrooms.
6. You were hauled out of a museum by security for leaping at the artwork.
5. Every time you jump you're compelled to shout "Woo! Woohoo!"
4. You're in the hospital because you put on a red hat and leapt off the roof.
3. Two words: Mustache Envy.
2. You've developed an Italian accent even though you've never been to Italy.
1. Your folks were concerned when you grabbed your Aunt Bertha by her feet, swung her around, and flung her at the bookshelf.
Top Ten New games in development for Nintendo 64
10. Mario's Advanced Guide to Java
9. Mario for President (just try to get him to run)
8. Microsoft Mario97 (unplayable till version 3)
7. Exploring Mario's Anatomy (requires MMX)
6. Where's Mario?
5. Macintosh Mario (you just can't win)
4. A-10 Mario (find the missing plane)
3. Netscape Mario (objective: kill Bill)
2. Wired Mario (sorry, you're not hip enough to play)
1. Mario's Kitchen and Bath Almanac

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