SGI-PC Networking Solutions:


Here's some helpful information and software for solving networking issues.

PC-NFS user's may find the IRIX network daemon , pcnfsd (*), useful.

Users of standard Windows (WFW,Win95,WinNT) networking will probably find the IRIX Samba (*) network software invaluable (includes full source code).

Looking for a commercial product; check out FacetWin for SGI!

InPerson user's may want to check Chameleon/NFS from NetManage.

Here is a great source of information regarding other topics in PC and Mac network connectivity. It includes pointers on:

You may also want to check out my PC connectivity page.


Here's my quick start guide to setting up Point to Point Protocol (PPP) networking.

If you are dealing with modems, check out my updated modem script files for newer systems, including O2 and Octane:

Cardinal Digicom Hayes Intel
Multitech Telebit US Robotics Zyxel
* You'll need the Web Installation tools (tardist) to install this software.

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