San Jose, CA. - Guadalupe River Trail / ..

At long last, pavement has reached the lower Guadalupe River Trail.

  Dec. 02, 2012, looks like pavement has reached the 237 Bikeway and by Feb. 2013 pavement extended north to GOld St. in Alviso. And on Dec. 30, 2012, you can pretty much skate from Hwy. 237 south to the San Jose Airport and beyond, probably 4 more miles through downtown San Jose and past Hwy. 280.  Turned around here because I knew I had 5 miles of headwinds to fight on the way back, this being about 10.5 miles from home by trail.  You'll notice the yellow center line, this is the key to navigating the GUA trail, when in doubt remember what the Glinda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz; Follow the yellow (brick road or center line in this case). Nice low angle shot of the board on the trail running past the airport terminal. And heading north after about a 5 mile run upstream (and down wind). The Montague Expy. under crossing is a bit nasty.  There are about a half dozen of these wheel-eating joints!  

  And those joints are mostly hidden down in the dark under the road way above.  So avoid the temptation to bomb down the ramp, there is one or two of those joints on the northern ramp as well. But once on the new pavement, there is just miles and miles (And miles) of this; 12 ft. wide, smooth as a billiard table. And here is the nastiest undercrossing at Tasman.  Totally unrideable concrete and subject to flooding daily.  Luckily the city is planning to repave the ramps and raise the trail about 3 ft. here, so hopefully this will all be a thing of the past in 2013.  

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