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Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML):

Note: You'll need to grab at least version 3.42 of the AutoCAD Bonus Pack tools.

Here's some of the AutoCAD R13 sample files as VRML worlds:

VRML 1.0 VRML 2.0
carwheel.wrl.gz 181KB carwheel2.wrl.gz 177KB
ductpath.wrl.gz 128KB ductpath2.wrl.gz 123KB
engine.wrl.gz 151KB engine2.wrl.gz 158KB
linkrods.wrl.gz 30KB linkrods2.wrl.gz 29KB
sextant.wrl.gz 62KB sextant2.wrl.gz 106KB
shave.wrl.gz 95KB shave2.wrl.gz 61KB
site-3d.wrl.gz 75KB site-3d2.wrl.gz 78KB
steering.wrl.gz 48KB steering2.wrl.gz 91KB

Table: VRML Model Files.

Note: Some of the VRML 1.0 models have been edited with WebSpace Author to include materials and viewpoints.


Here's a collection of VRML data generated by me:

Note: If you have any data you would like me to link or publish, please let me know.


VRML Server:

You can use your SGI workstation as a VRML authoring tool with or without a native version of AutoCAD or 3D Studio. By using the various file convertors in conjunction with the client-server capabilities inherent in a Unix workstation, this is an easy task.


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