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Visual Diagnostics was incorporated in 2002 and has been in business since then. did an interview with us in 2003 and has a link to that here.

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4Crawler Offroad Products

Off-road parts:
Body Lifts
4Air and 2Air
Repair parts

VW Shift Linkages


We try to be environmentally concious in our manufacturing and shipping processes. We self-generate over 30% of our own electrical energy used in manufacturing our products with solar panels. We use recycled materials where possible, for example our aluminum lift blocks are made from cut off ends from other manufacturers. We also recycle much of the packing material we have from our material deliveries for packing and shipping items. We also try to use minimal packaging on items so that there is less waste for the customer to deal with. We also encourage the use of on-line installation instructions for all our parts to save on paper and toner consumption.

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PO Box 61092
Sunnyvale CA 94088-1092
FAX:+1.772.264.8458 or +1.408.564.8001

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