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Brake Line Plugs

M10x1.0 inverted flare, male and female



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Toyota and other auto makers use an M10x1.0 inverted flare brake line fitting. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to find fittings and specifically plugs. Brake line plugs can be very handy things to have when working on your vehicle, for emergency trail repairs and for projects such as eliminating the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV-BV) . In the latter conversion, you need to plug the tee fitting up front where the LSPV front brake sensing line would normally attach.

Brake line plugs
Brake Line Plugs,
Male and female M10x1.0

Pictured above are the two versions of the brake line plugs, the male plug can screw into female threaded fittings such as on the tee fitting for the LSPV bypass project. The female plug on the right will fit over male threaded fittings such as used on the brake hard lines. The fittings also can be used as adapters to attach A/N hose and fittings to Toyota brakes or to adapt to SAE fittings. Contact us for specifics as we can supply fittings, braided hose and adapters for most common sizes.

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Ordering Information:

Plugs available for the male or female thread, for US$20.00 for either style, plus shipping. Both male and female (BrakePlugM, BrakePlugF) plugs are in stock and ready to ship:

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Need one of each, as in one male and one female plug? If so, order a set below and save $5.00 on the set (BrakePlugSet):

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Questions? Contact 4Crawler Offroad for more information.

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Installation Process:

Installation just involves screwing the plug onto the mating fitting. You can use some anti-seize compound on the threads if you wish to make later removal easier.

For the LSPV (proportioning valve) bypass/removal project, simply disconnect the front to rear sensing line and use a male plug in the tee fitting up front. You can just leave the old line in place (capped or uncapped) or remove it if so inclined. In back, you can usually disconnect the main brake line from the master cylinder and bend that back to attach to the bracket where the rear axle brake hose connects. Then you can unbolt and remove the LSPV if desired.

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