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Ever get the feeling you have the accelerator pedal floored but are not getting full throttle? Assuming your throttle cable is properly adjusted, you may have a worn accelerator pedal bushing. This bushing is located in a loop on the end of the linkage arm attached to the accelerator pedal. The stock A1 bushings were made of a foam rubber and an upgraded solid rubber one is available for the A2s as a replacement. Over time, even the upgraded rubber bushing deteriorates and eventually disintegrates, like the one below did. Did you ever find a pencil in an old desk drawer and try to use the eraser only to have it crumble to pieces? Well, that is what happens to the rubber bushing given 5-10 years.

A1 Accelerator Pedal Bushing New bushing installed 3D Printed Accelerator Pedal Bushing
A. New bushing vs. stock B. New bushing installed C. 3D Printed Bushing

In the image A above, you can see the remnant of the OEM bushing on the right. While replacements are available, Missing LinkZ wanted something better. So we machined out a replacement bushing out of some Ultra-High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene (UHMW-PE). This is a direct fit for the stock A1 or A2 bushing (see installed image B, but will not age like the rubber bushing. It is also a stiffer material than rubber, so you won't have the sponginess of the stock bushing. Bushing is ~17mm in diameter and ~8mm thick plus a ~2mm flange to fit the hole in the upper end of the accelerator pedal.

Note: Some vehicles, including the 16V engine models, may have a significantly smaller diameter loop. If you have such a vehicle. contaqct us prior to ordering with a measurement of the inner diameter of the loop. We'll see if it's possible to print you a custom sized bushinhg. See installation notes below for other options,

And to improve on a good thing, we're now introducing a new 3D printed bushing made of a tough Nylon6 material, a pair shown in image C above. The 3D printed part provides a number of advantages over the original UHMW part. First is the tolerances are tigher on this part, typically to 0.2mm (200 microns). This is because UHMW is hard to machine in such a small size since it is both slightly soft and very slippery. And third, the 3D printing process lets us add small features such as the tiny rim on the small end. This protrudes about 0.5mm fron the main diameter to allow for a press fit into the hole in the accellerator pedal. It should give enough to be popped into place. And since there is some variation in the size of that hole, the Nylon6 material is more easily sanded down to size than the UHMW. And if the hole in the pedal is slightly oversize, the Nylon6 material is more easily glued in place than the UHMW. All in all, this is a better material for this bushing, giving more installation options and with the same durability of our original UHMW part.

While I like working on my VW, I don't like working on the same part every few years, I want to fix it once and have it last. I've now run run the prototype bushing for over 12 years now and it has no signs of wear.

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Ordering Information:

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If you are interested in replacing your worn bushing with an upgraded replacement for all A1 and A2 model VWs (gas or diesel); the cost is $10.00 plus applicable sales tax and shipping, via first class parcel:





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Installation Notes:

Please refer to the following notes for installation. Unless requested, no printed installation notes will be shipped with the bushing.

A: Removing lock washer B: Lock washer and washer
C: Installing accelerator D: Installing bushing
If you have any questions or problems with the installation, please feel free to contact MissingLinkZ by e-mail.
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