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NOTE: Due to high order volume, it may take some time for production and shipments to catch up. Order backlog could be up to 6 weeks.

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VW Pickup/Caddy Rear Add-A-Leaf Spring:

More information available here

VW Diesel Tachometer Kit:

More information available here

NOTE: Due to high order volume, it may take some time for production and shipments to catch up. Order backlog could be up to 6 weeks.

Want to order multiple items or for custom orders?

  1. All MissingLinkZ products are FOB seller/origin.
  2. Add up the cost of each item you want included in your order:
    1. Typical kit prices are listed on the web pages above
    2. Add 9.0% sales tax for shipments to a California address:
      1. Automatically added if using the Buy Now buttons below
      2. If you live outside of California, no sales tax applies
    3. For US addresses, add $4.00 for regular (shifter bushing orders only), $8.00 for Priority Mail (for shift linkage kits, etc.), or $22.00 for Express Mail shipping, for a total (Priority and Express for full shift kits). For larger items (like spring bushing kits or multiple shift linkage kits), shipping will be $15.00/unisured or $19.00/insured for Priority mail.
      1. Or use one of the two "Buy Now" buttons below for pre-computed shipping
      2. 2-3 day typical Priority Mail delivery time
    4. International shipping options and also supply a local phone number for customs paperwork
      1. For shipments less than 4 lbs. that fit in an 9"x12" envelope (e.g. one shift linkage kit)
        1. US Priority Mail shipping on shift kits is US$34.95 for International destinations
        2. US Express Mail shipping on shift kits is US$61.95 for International destinations
      2. For shipments up to 20 lbs. that fit in a box (e.g. multiple shift linkage kits, spring shackle bushings, etc.)
        1. US Mail shipping to Canada/Mexico on larger orders is US$45.00 (up to 20 lbs)
        2. US Mail shipping to Europe/Asia/Australia on larger orders is US$66.00 (up to 20 lbs)
      3. Typical shipping time is 3-5 days for Express and 6-10 days for Priority
      4. International shipping and tracking information...
  3. Specify the vehicle details if applicable
  4. Questions?

You can always order each item separately and then let us know if you want them combined into one shipment, if possible and we'll do that and refund any exccess postage. But you need to tell us since some customers like to have things shipped separately as there are a few advantages. For example if you order 3 items, if we ship together we'll need to wait until all 3 items are ready to ship before we can send anything. Also, for international customers, if you had 4 orders for $50/ea. and shipped them separately, there may be no customs fees due since the value is below the minimum assessment value, while a single order of $200 might be assessed taxes and fees. So please let us know your preferences for shipping multiple item orders.

Ordering/payment options below:

Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Purchase w/ regular US shipping
- Adds US$4.00 shipping automatically
For shifter bushing kit orders only
Purchase w/ US Priority shipping
- Adds US$8.00 shipping automatically
Purchase w/ International shipping
- Adds US$34.95 shipping automatically
Purchase w/ other shipping option
- For custom (Insured, Express, etc.) shipping options
- Add custom shipping cost to order total
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Returns/Exchanges Policy:

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